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The Suzuki School of Houston
Judy Offman - Director
3814 Linkview Dr.
Houston, TX 77025
Phone: 713-515-1115

Email: judy
Judy Offman
Shinichi Suzuki

Informative Articles
School's Policies
Comparison between learning a language and The Suzuki Method
So You Want To Be A Suzuki Parent?
Developing a Listening Program
"If I Had to Raise My Child Over"
Why Should a Child Learn to Play the Violin/Viola?
Violin Teacher Training Courses
Why Starting a Musical Training at Such Early Age?
Musical Training Helps Child's Brain Development
Why Music Matters

The Amazing Violin Flash Cards are Now Available

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The Suzuki School of Houston was founded in 1973 by Judy Offman.


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Other Topics
ECC! (Every Child Can!)
Teacher Training Unit 1
Topics for Discussion in Training Unit 1
Videotape requirements guide

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