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To Enroll Your Child...

  1. OBSERVE, OBSERVE, OBSERVE!!! Come and watch every scheduled Group Lesson.
    Come at least once or twice a week or more to observe individual lessons.
  2. The more I see you, the more I think about you and your child beginning lessons and the more that you learn.Take notes at all lessons and learn!
  3. Purchase from me the BEGINNER SUZUKI PACKET, which includes three books to read, CD's to listen to, activity books for your child, flashcards to begin learning a music vocabularly and a fun aid to assist you and your child to read music on the staff.
  4. LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN to your Slow Twinkle CD, and your Volume 1 Suzuki CD many hours per day with your child. Listen whenever you ride in your car, during the day, before bedtime and while your child sleeps.
  5. PRACTICE with your child daily and approximately the same time each day. You and your child need to be able to recognize all of the Twinkle Variations by name and sound as well as being able to clap them in order to begin lessons.

To listen to:
Mississippi Stop Stop (variation A)
Dr. Suzuki (variation B)
Hamburger Hamburger (variation C)
Strawberry Strawberry (variation D)
Mississippi Mississippi (variation E)
The Theme


Dr. Su-zuki says NEVER BE LAZY
and practice, and practice, and practice like CRAZY!
(repeat this verse 3x)

5. When you can correctly identify each of the variations even when they are out-of-order, can correctly clap each variation, please arrange with me to have a TWINKLE VARIATION IDENTIFYING LESSON.

6. TALK TO THE OTHER SUZUKI PARENTS IN MY PROGRAM about helpful practicing hints and ideas that they may share with you.

7. SING with your child manyA pitches to develop their ear. Use only a piano or keyboard that is tuned to A=440. You and your child must be able to sing an A without the assistance of a keyboard to begin lessons.

8. Begin searching for a FULL-SIZE VIOLIN for yourself to begin PARENT LESSONS.

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